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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Most Beautiful Sunrises Come Through the Clouds

I’ve always loved watching the sun rise. Apart from the obvious beauty of it, there’s something so hope-filling about the way that brilliant orb of light breaks through the darkness. It’s as if my spirit catches its breath for a second and all I can do is worship in awe of the God who brings new beginnings day after day.

I’ve seen a lot of sunrises lately. Having a newborn will do that to a person. Whether or not I like it – and believe me, some days I’d really, really prefer to be in bed asleep – I’m often awake in time to see the sunrise. I rub my bleary eyes, pick up my wide-awake son from his cot and we head outside to see the sunrise.

Every one of them is beautiful. Every one of them fills me with hope. But it’s the ones where the sky is full of clouds which are the most stunning.

When the sky is clear, the sun peeps its face above the horizon to the already blue sky and there it is. Brilliant. Bright.

But when there are clouds…

Darkness turns to light as gold-gilt rainbows span the sky. Monotone clouds are painted lush pinks and oranges, then gold as the sun catches their edges. The sun continues to rise, still unseen, and a section of clouds glows so bright that I can barely even look at them.

And then, just when I’m wondering if there are too many clouds for the sun to break through this time, it finds a tiny gap and the whole sky is filled with streaks of golden light.

Every sunrise is beautiful, but there’s something about the presence of clouds that make certain ones truly magnificent.

My life feels pretty full of clouds at the moment. I’m tired. I feel like I’ve been under the weather more often than not in the past couple of years. Some days it’s a struggle just to get out of bed, let alone ‘shine my light’ or do all the other things Christians are supposed to do.

And yet, God is still there, bringing hope through the darkness. Reflecting and refracting his light and making something truly beautiful of my grey clouds. And I, over and over, find myself catching my breath as I stand in wonder of the God who can break through even the darkest clouds.

Life is tough. I know. I’m far from the only person struggling right now. But if you’re with me, here in the struggle, know that God hasn’t left you to face the darkness alone. He’s there, every single minute, every single day, making something beautiful of your clouds. And, just at that moment when you’re wondering if the clouds are too dark to let anything through, he’ll break through with a beam of sunlight and remind you, without a doubt, that he is still God. The light will always win.

It’s the darkest skies which make the most beautiful sunrises.

Couldn't help but share this one too. Pretty stunned by this gorgeous sunset the other day while watching my daughter play cricket!