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Sunday, 16 November 2014

When God sends Pyjamas

I’m a stay at home mum – and I love it. Absolutely love it. I can’t think of a single job I’d love more. But it doesn’t pay particularly well. At all, really. As such, I’m incredibly aware of the money I spend. Everything purchasable gets categorised: needs, wants, need-but-could-probably-leave-till-next-week, really-need-since-I-should-have-gotten-it-last-week-and-talked-myself-out-of-it, maybe-if-I-were-a-millionaire, etc.  Funny how we categorise things...

Pyjamas usually make it onto the ‘need, but not urgently’ list. At least, that’s what I decided the night I realised I was dressing my girls in their winter pyjamas and it was halfway through spring – and they’d grown out of last year’s summer pyjamas.

Yep, the girls would need new pyjamas. But not this week. They’d probably be okay for next week too. In fact, maybe I’d get away without having to buy any. Some of their shirts and shorts would do. We’d just call them pyjamas. Admittedly, they wouldn’t be as cute as real pyjamas but it’d be okay ... right?  I mean, they weren’t that important. Or so I told myself.  

And then a totally unexpected package came in the mail from friends who were travelling. We opened it to find ... yep, two sets of brand new pyjamas just the girls’ sizes. While my daughters danced and delighted in their gift, I sat there stunned. I think I might have cried. I hadn’t told anyone they needed pyjamas. I hadn’t even admitted it to myself.

But God knew.

When I hadn’t even thought it important enough to pray for, God had answered anyway. He’d sent pyjamas. And not just any pyjamas – pink ones with sparkles.

I know God provides for our needs, I’ve seen and heard it happen so many times. But I love that he sees and cares about our wants too. The things that aren’t ‘important’ – to anyone but us.

And believe me, he does.

I have two sets of tiny pyjamas that prove it.


  1. I love this story Hannah xxx

  2. Hannah, that is so precious. I have a similar story from when I was a single mum but mine was with a leaking washing machine. Us stay-at-home mums know He knows!